Today is day Two Hundred and Twenty Nine in the Prince project.  I feel linked to the Prince fan base online since I have started doing these illustrations. At this point in the project anytime anything Prince related happens… my twitter blows up, friends and family text me, & people share Prince posts on my Facebook page. I heard all about Prince’s interview in Essence Magazine in May, the two new albums being released, Prince on SNL, and even Princes birthday from you all!  Today something new happened!!! I was sitting at work and my phone was pinging away so I looked at my screen…people retweeting my art (and crediting me ding ding ding THANKYOU 🙂 )!!! Usually I just read/hear news about Prince, this time I felt part of the news!!! Apparently there was a rumor today that Prince is playing a secret show in Toronto!!! I still have no idea whether this is merely rumor or not, but I loved being part of the feed! I really feel I have so many fans out there, who just haven’t discovered my art yet. waaah waaah !!! 😦 lol ! I enjoy entertaining people through my art and would love to find my audience! I felt a Toronto Maple leaf would be appropriate for todays posting!!!


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