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This weekend has been all about Black Friday,relaxing and more relaxing!!! I didn’t do much black friday shopping …just some more art supplies to continue the Prince Project daily!!! Does it look a little brighter now that I have some new supplies? I have also been making a ย ton of ornaments for the holidays,check them out below!!!


6 thoughts on “253-255”

  1. Funny! Great execution. I loved Prince back in the day, remember in HS dragging a GF who was NOT a Prince fan to see “Under the Cherry Moon.” I think it was the end of the friendship…

      1. Did you contact Prince with any of your work? He is very narcissistic (I would guess), so perhaps he would be happy to purchase at least some of these for a collection?

      2. I have not contacted Prince besides tagging him on Twitter a couple of times. Who knows if he even runs his own Twitter, or if that’s even him though (I figure). I read somewhere that Prince doesn’t keep a cell phone. Everything on the Internet is speculation though! Lol

      3. You’re right, I hadn’t thought of that. He is somewhat anti-technology, it seems (maybe with good reason), reclusive, and owns a number of properties in Chanhassen so not the easiest person to track down.

      4. I think maybe he has a team of people who search online for anything Prince related. Any video of his that surfaces online gets taken down pretty quickly. I’m sure they have found my blog by now. Hi team Prince!!! Tell Prince I said hello !!! ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹ p.s I love pancakes!!!

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