October 30th

I started 365 Days of Prince to challenge myself! I wanted to be committed to completing illustrations daily, and hone my craft.  I feel as though completing a small piece daily is a good regimen for myself and perhaps other artists. The Illustrations have really improved in my opinion. Check out these two Princes… The first is the illustration from day number two, and the second is todays illustration day number two hundred and twenty four! Tell me what you think!IMG_204810153147_10153252313153056_7878820698988037482_n


October  27 – 29

I love that we have so much food culture in Rhode Island! it is nearly impossible to get a bad meal in my little home state. We have lots of Italian & Portuguese cuisine and a top notch culinary school as well!  I look forward to biscuits and gravy, fried chicken and waffles but in the end I always miss the food we have in Rhode island. We have barely any variety in fast food. We really are running on Dunkin Donuts though… you can’t drive a mile without seeing a Dunkin Donuts out here. We drool over all the fast food commercials flashing on TV…  food we simply can’t have unless we drive 10 hours away. I dream of shakes from Sonic, teeny tiny burgers from White castle, and greasy chicken that will clog my arteries and kill me from Bojangles. I indulged on my Trip to Indiana /Kentucky/ West Virginia on Hardees, Dairy Queen, Arbys, & Waffle House! it was everything I hoped and dreamed about!                                                                                                                       10424288_10153245162268056_8370764381814467035_n1379751_10153247342488056_7043459630343112864_n10376999_10153249359403056_6966715804094827211_n



October 26,2014

Our road trip ended on this day.  😦  We hit the road at 9am and drove until 12 am back to Rhode island. I felt the need to commemorate all the hours I spent squished in my Jeep Liberty much like a sardine in a can. I would also like to tip my glass to all the deer, raccoons, and other woodland creatures my boyfriend declared as “just napping” in the emergency lane.