Letter to my  Readers,

My name is Rebekah Major, I am a Rhode Island native. I am also a  illustrator & painter.  I have two illustrated children’s books, my published works are “Mama Wrex”,  and “What do you see in me?”.

365 Days of Prince is my current project . 365 Days of Prince is a online publication in which a new pen and ink illustration depicting the musician Prince is published daily. The project will last for 365 days. Everyday Prince has a new adventure… dressing for halloween, popping out of cakes,water skiing, filling in as a naked sushi model and much more. The 365 Days of Prince project can be viewed on its blog 365 Days of Prince on WordPress. The project is also viewable on Instagram,Twitter, Tumblr, and my website 365daysofprince.com

There are several goals to the 365 Days of Prince Project. First, I started the Prince project to challenge myself! I wanted to be committed to completing illustrations daily, and hone my craft. I feel as though completing a small piece daily is a good regimen for myself. Second, I felt as though this project would be a good way of getting my name known as an artist. I constantly find new ways to put my art out in the world so others can enjoy my work. The third reason I created the project was to entertain myself and the public. I hope my illustrations can can bring smiles daily!I would like to do a gallery show with the Prince illustrations, and a publish it into a book at the end of the project.

The Medium for the project consist of Bristol board, pen and ink, and ad markers.
Each Prince stands between 7- 11 inches tall and 3-8 inches wide. The Princes are inked, colored, cut out, photographed, and then posted online daily.


Rebekah Major

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