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365 !!! The End! :-)

The Prince Project has finally come to its end! I produced one illustration everyday for 365 days without skipping a single one! Its been a crazy ride, thanks to everyone who supported my project! I hope To do a gallery show and a book now that the project is over. Stay tuned for stickers and other merchandise as well! I think the last illustration is pretty epic, I hope you all love it!!! THANK YOU!!!



357-358 confessions

I must confess I have no idea what the blue animal on the left is. I  inked it in, looked at it…and died laughing. I was at my moms house having tea when I was doing the color, and I asked her what animal it looked like. She thought it looked most like a hippo. So I decided to make it blue and see if it would pass as a hippo. When I got home I posted it & minutes later I was called out by a coworker! I died laughing again. It would have been so easy to fix my “hippo”, but I gave him life.


I did this in my book “Mama Wrex” as well. There was a horseshoe crab in one of illustrations and he just looked utterly drunk. I could have fixed him, sobered him up. Nope he made it to the cover of the book. You can buy the book at Barnes & Noble with my drunk crab drooling on the cover. 🙂


& then some animals are purposly made to look crazy…..



Last night I went to La Salette Shrine with a group of friends. La Salette is a Shrine in Attleborro MA that the totally deck out with lights. When you are pulling up to the Shrine there is no way you can miss it the lights can be seen from a distance! My friend Xander  texted me when I pulled up to let me know “they were waiting for me where doves cry”! I found them standing under a tree decks out in dove shaped lights, awesome night!

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This weekend has been all about Black Friday,relaxing and more relaxing!!! I didn’t do much black friday shopping …just some more art supplies to continue the Prince Project daily!!! Does it look a little brighter now that I have some new supplies? I have also been making a  ton of ornaments for the holidays,check them out below!!!



Today is day Two Hundred and Twenty Nine in the Prince project.  I feel linked to the Prince fan base online since I have started doing these illustrations. At this point in the project anytime anything Prince related happens… my twitter blows up, friends and family text me, & people share Prince posts on my Facebook page. I heard all about Prince’s interview in Essence Magazine in May, the two new albums being released, Prince on SNL, and even Princes birthday from you all!  Today something new happened!!! I was sitting at work and my phone was pinging away so I looked at my screen…people retweeting my art (and crediting me ding ding ding THANKYOU 🙂 )!!! Usually I just read/hear news about Prince, this time I felt part of the news!!! Apparently there was a rumor today that Prince is playing a secret show in Toronto!!! I still have no idea whether this is merely rumor or not, but I loved being part of the feed! I really feel I have so many fans out there, who just haven’t discovered my art yet. waaah waaah !!! 😦 lol ! I enjoy entertaining people through my art and would love to find my audience! I felt a Toronto Maple leaf would be appropriate for todays posting!!!