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Day 323 vs Day 10

Every now and then I like to post two illustrations from my project showing what a great exercise this has been for me. On Day ten I was super excited about Walking Dead being on television later that evening so I created “Zombie Prince”. I hated “Zombie Prince” from the moment I created him. I deemed him the worst Prince I ever created. I still hate him. I still think he is the worst Prince of the project. So I decided to do a redo! Here is ” Zombie Prince .2″ I actually kind of like “Zombie Prince .2”! I would kill Zombie Prince off if I could, but he is already dead. #323 is to the left & #10 is on the right.

10931299_10153544757943056_4168828841241415104_n 10009316_10152688558513056_2008578402_n