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My boyfriend built a cool work area on top of our bathroom with lots of free pallets. We live in a loft in Pawtucket, RI in a building that was once a mill. Ive been using his little area lately to photograph my Prince drawings. Its cozy up here and i’m surrounded by his books so it makes me happy. I have been missing him a lot lately because he is away for work.

With this project wrapping up I have been thinking quite abit about the second phase. I have set up an account on Go Fund Me because I need to raise money for this project to reach the next level. I need to scan 365 images so I have electronic files for publishing. I also need to frame 365 images to have a gallery show. Framing is super expensive, there is no way I can afford that without some sort of help. If you would like to help out you can click on this link: http://www.gofundme.com/365daysofprince and donate whatever you can! Anything will be very appreciated !

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Its been nice to have a couple days off, I’m back to work on Monday!!! I have been using the time to organize my living space. When you live in a loft all you ever do is move things from one space to another. It just never looks organized! I’m a virgo, thats simply not going to work. Virgo’s are born to clean and put things away…little piles of things with no home are our kryptonite! We purchased some anti mess devices, and we will put them together today! So excited! Never been so excited to put panties into cubes until today! 🙂