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342 What color is the dress?

So Friday morning I hopped online while I was doing my normal morning routine, and this post about the color of this dress is everywhere! My Facebook,Twitter,and Instagram feed is totally filled with people arguing about the color of a dress. In my opinion a dress that should probably be burned. The dress is  U.G.L.Y!


By Friday evening the internet was flooded with ugly dress memes. Which I was loving! Some people are saying the dress is an optical illusion, and not even a real dress. Other people are saying that is a psychology experiment posted by a student. The theory being if the dress appears black or blue you are depressed & If the dress appears white, and gold you are normal.

my favorite meme was this one! Of course! 18499_10204388202123957_1012190515699489569_n

10685378_10153597501173056_8244043164725196767_n Blue-Black-Dress-Memes

316 -317

Everyone is pretty excited about the Patriots winning the SuperBowl in Rhode island!!! I didn’t even watch the game. I spent the afternoon doing my taxes, being a carpenters assistant, and looking for a publisher for 365 days of Prince!!!  Everyone has been posting about Katy Perry’s dancing shark on Facebook, so I had to check it out! I found it to be pretty amusing! That shark total forgot his dance routine or just couldn’t  move in that costume. I wish he just busted out doing the robot or started twerking! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2936210/Are-worst-backing-dancers-Katy-Perry-s-supporting-shark-lost-track-choreography-goes-viral.html#v-4027129109001