Conformity…I think we are all guilty, even those of us who try fight it. I was scrolling on Facebook and I saw the “Hans Solo season is upon us” Meme and I started dying laughing. I’m totally guilty of the tall boot & legging trend! I wish I wasn’t,  but sadly its my winter uniform.  When it starts getting warmer I will start wearing my other uniform, sundresses and sandals. All my dresses are fitted on top and flared at the bottom…I guess its just my thing. Do I have any business making fun of college girls who rock uggs, pink sweats, and north face coats… not really!

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2 thoughts on “257”

  1. I am going out on a limb here, but is it safe to say that you like Prince? 🙂 A friend of mine is a big fan too, but he is a big ad agency guy, and can’t listen to Darlin’ Nikki in his office! Thank you for following my blog!

    1. love your blog, & I hope you win that contest! Yes I’m a prince fan! Darlin Nikki is so not office appropriate!!! ha ha
      The first time I had ever heard Darlin Nikki was in high school. I had went with my friend to a gay bar so she could meet someone from the internet. This big butch lady took a liking to me and decided to play some Darlin Nikki on the juke box and dance it out for me! Her dance moves were highly suggestive,and I was a scared 16 year old who had no business being in a bar.

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