Sorry I haven’t been writing much in here the last week! Ive been super busy making holiday cards and ornaments to sell at a party I will be having in my new studio space. Check out some of my ornaments below!

10653488_10153302227238056_1978533172414454494_n 1506002_10153302227288056_5302086747835111272_n 10473902_10153302227363056_8327589624094430305_n 10676159_10153297575508056_386256642988753845_n 10455689_10153297575673056_9171663831034495881_n 10801531_10153297575713056_8814003572152917347_n 10354181_10153297575773056_2189022551525359684_n 10676159_10153297575508056_386256642988753845_n-1 10425405_10153292933808056_7825548243322679515_n 1424282_10153292933908056_944212923069876657_n

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