Some of the Prince illustrations I do  just hit the note for me! This one hit the note ! I really like this song Pretzelbodylogic on Plectrumelectrum. I loved drawing the twists of the pretzel and the salt crystals. I personally think the salt crystals are the best part about eating pretzels. The song has awesome word play and a cool beat!10710757_10153214678493056_3886615097963136487_n


Has everyone been listening to Prince’s two new albums released on 10/30 Art Official Age & Plectrumelectrum? I think they are awesome ! I love both!!! The first song on Plectrumelectrum is called WOW…  Also there was an announcement on twitter today from 3rdeyegirl letting everyone know that Chris Rock will host SNL with Prince as a musical guest on November 1st !!! Can’t wait!!!



I get asked quite a bit “Why Prince?”. People want to know if Prince was picked at random for this project, or if I’m just a super fan? I never sat down and created a list of celebrities crossing each out one by one, if thats what everyone would like to know. That would have been humorous to sit in on though! No, not Madonna too cone-y. Rick James won’t do… too super freaky. It just had to be Prince! There would have never been a project if there was not a Prince! I’ve always liked Prince and dug his music. When people tell me they aren’t into Prince I always just assume they haven’t heard much of his music, or that they didn’t realize when they were tapping their foot to “Little Red Corvette”  that they were in fact enjoying music by Prince. I don’t think I’m a super fan, A fan for sure though! Ive always wanted to go see Prince in concert! Someday!

Prince is flamboyant and mysterious,and I love that!  I think because he is mysterious people can’t help to wonder what he is like at home!  I feel as though people imagine Prince living in a purple castle, dining on ambrosia all day, with butterflies  fluttering about him. Maybe that mystery is why people enjoy 365 Days of Prince! I would also like to think maybe people simply just enjoy my illustrations



Sometimes I wonder why some people seem to have so many coincidences in their life. Are we just equations? I wonder who I would have been if my parents had named me Elizabeth instead of Rebekah. Would Prince have went the same route in his life if has parents decided Roger would have made a better first name? Ive noticed that there are lots of letter P’s and lots of purple in Prince’s world. Both Prince and Purple start with P and are 6 letters long. is it branding? Is it sheer coincidence ? Is it God? is it part of some giant equation of life? In my life its always been the color red, the letter R, and the number 7. Maybe I’m just looking to hard!  I like to think about things like that sometimes. What about you, do you have these patterns in your life? Please send me your thoughts and comments. 🙂



I have quite a bit of light in my new studio space, it’s been tricky photographing Prince since I’ve moved. Each day I pencil him out, ink him , add color, and cut the image out with a razor. After separated from the Bristol board, I set the image down on the rust colored paper and photograph Prince. I usually have to play around with the lighting and take several shots, sometimes I have 20 or so out takes ! After I photograph I post the images online Instagram , Facebook, Tumblr ,Wordpress, and eventually my website http://www.iheartbekart.com


202 -204

I work at a day program for adults with disabilities. We do a ton of art, I love it! This week has been full of bubble blowing, painting, and fun! They are all so sweet and loving! I get little gifts all the time portraits, pens , a missing puzzle piece, hugs, scribbles on someone’s paperwork , and dollar store earrings. It must be lovely to live a life of innocence!