October  27 – 29

I love that we have so much food culture in Rhode Island! it is nearly impossible to get a bad meal in my little home state. We have lots of Italian & Portuguese cuisine and a top notch culinary school as well!  I look forward to biscuits and gravy, fried chicken and waffles but in the end I always miss the food we have in Rhode island. We have barely any variety in fast food. We really are running on Dunkin Donuts though… you can’t drive a mile without seeing a Dunkin Donuts out here. We drool over all the fast food commercials flashing on TV…  food we simply can’t have unless we drive 10 hours away. I dream of shakes from Sonic, teeny tiny burgers from White castle, and greasy chicken that will clog my arteries and kill me from Bojangles. I indulged on my Trip to Indiana /Kentucky/ West Virginia on Hardees, Dairy Queen, Arbys, & Waffle House! it was everything I hoped and dreamed about!                                                                                                                       10424288_10153245162268056_8370764381814467035_n1379751_10153247342488056_7043459630343112864_n10376999_10153249359403056_6966715804094827211_n

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